LipiGesic M’s Feverfew and Ginger gel create a powerful fast migraine treatment

LipiGesic M’s Feverfew and Ginger gel create a fast and effective migraine medication

Feverfew and ginger gel gets rid of migraine pain fast

LipiGesic’s feverfew and ginger gel squeezed under the tongue can stop migraine pain and associated symptoms.

Feverfew 3X (Pyrethrum Parthenium)

Feverfew 3X the main active ingredient in LipiGesic® M, is an herb that has been recognized for centuries as having a beneficial effect on migraine, menstrual and other headaches. The last two decades have seen a sustained and increasing interest in Feverfew as a daily prophylactic (preventative) treatment for migraine.

Several studies published in leading medical journals, including “Lancet”, and “The British Medical Journal”, have demonstrated Feverfew’s potential for reducing the incidence and severity of migraines. Patients reported a reduction in the number and/or severity of migraine attacks, with no significant side effects reported by either study.

More recent studies have shown that Feverfew 3X when combined with Ginger 2X is an effective treatment to decrease or prevent migraine pain when used at the onset of a headache.

Sublingual (under-the-tongue) delivery avoids active ingredient breakdown

In the past, feverfew tablets sold in the U.S. were found to have very little, if any, active ingredient. Much of the active ingredient was in the tablet was broken down during digestion by the stomach and liver; this diminished feverfew’s effectiveness. The low concentration of active ingredient in many feverfew tablets and its very slow onset of action have led most to conclude that feverfew is not a very effective treatment for migraines. That perception is wrong. While feverfew tablets are not very effective; feverfew itself is extremely effective.

How Feverfew prevents or reduces migraine pain without rebound headache

Feverfew acts to inhibit over-aggregation of platelets, thought to be a part of the migraine ‘cascade’. During a migraine attack, these platelets release serotonin, which causes abnormal blood vessel tone, and can result in both their dilation and constriction (both of which are believed to contribute to migraine attacks). Inflammatory substances are released locally, which then contribute to the severity of the attack. Feverfew blocks the production of these inflammatory substances and short-circuits the migraine cascade.

The net result is a normalization of blood vessel tone. Feverfew does not constrict blood vessels like most prescription migraine drugs (e.g. triptans such as sumatriptan – “Imitrex”). Blood vessel constriction is associated with an increased risk of heart attack during the use of these vasoconstrictors, and is one reason why Imitrex is not appropriate for a large percent of the population.

Vasoconstriction is also associated with the occurrence of rebound headaches (when so much of a non-steroidal is taken that a headache ensues when the patient stops taking them).

Ginger 2X (Zingiber)

Ginger has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory, specifically suppressing the expression of several mediators felt crucial in migraine pathogenesis. In studies, Ginger is shown to suppress the pro-inflammatory compounds (cytokines and chemokines) produced by synoviocytes (cells comprising the synovial lining of the joints), chrondrocytes (cells comprising joint cartilage) and leukocytes (immune cells).

LipiGesic M’s unique and proprietary formulation of Feverfew 3X and Ginger 2X is manufactured for PuraMed BioScience, Inc. It is manufactured according to the highest standards to ensure product quality and consistency.

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